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Grao Technologies specializes in Enterprise Server, Network, Security and Database Solutions from Design to Final Installations. Grao is a reseller of all major hardware (HP, 3COM, Cisco etc...) and software (Microsoft, Novell, etc..) manufacturers. Our certified engineers are ready to help you with the planning, designing and implementation of data network of any size.

Organizations of all sizes seeking to wield technology as a competitive tool have found it increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain required in-house expertise. As a result, more businesses are outsourcing the IT role. Today, technology solutions form the foundation of business strategies because technology can be more broadly applied and leveraged. To make informed business decisions, this requires a complete understanding of the technologies which can best be leveraged to provide maximum information and accuracy.

We can apply these technologies to improve communication and access to information, as well as provide system support and maintenance. By outsourcing your Information System needs to Grao Technologies, you will be able to better utilize your resources and focus on core activities for your business. Services offered include Data Connectivity, Campus-wide Design and Implementation (LAN/WAN). Grao Technologies Inc. provides all types of Hardware Integration as well as Service and Maintenance on existing Local and Wide Area Networks.

Grao Technologies believes in a tradition of continued excellence and customer service. Our customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Therefore, we offer our customers the very best products and services. This tradition has ensured our continued success and growth.

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